New Generations Exchange

Post-high school, live abroad

Rotary created New Generation Exchange to give young adults, age 18-25, the chance to live abroad, be exposed to a new culture, and participate in vocational training.

The exchanges are short–typically several weeks (but no more than three months), and they take place in a variety of participating countries. The goal, as with all of Rotary’s exchange programs, is to create goodwill and international understanding through cultural immersion and, in this case, vocational training.

Participants live with local Rotarian hosts or non-Rotarian hosts who are working with the Rotary NGE program.

New Generations Exchange participants attend Rotary meetings and join local Rotarians for social and cultural activities. NGE participants also attend Rotaract meetings, if there is a Rotaract club in their host city.

Cost of Exchange:

The cost of the exchange is estimated to be $1500, though the actual cost will be determined by airline tickets and the cost of insurance.

Additional Information:
We provide vocational exchanges, either one way or reciprocal. If a Rotarian is interested in being a group leader contact us.
We have provided Group New Generations exchanges to Switzerland and Brazil.

Application Instructions

1. Fill out the Microsoft Word application. You can find it here. E-mail the application to jmensinger@4×

2. The application deadline is April 15, 2013. Applicants will need to attend a District level interview.

3.If you are selected for the trip to Brazil we will meet with you and the other successful applicants to figure out how to structure the trip. Our Rotary hosts in Brazil are flexible and will allow us to customize your program to a certain extent. They are flexible as to exact dates and duration of the stay though it will be sometime in June, July, or August 2013, probably for a period of three to six weeks. You will need to attend training and orientation sessions. You will be encouraged to study Portuguese as spoken in Brazil.